Blue® Washer uses centrifugation to remove liquids from 96, 384 and 1536w plates, eliminating background and variability in assay data. Highly reproducible, low residual volumes < 0.3 µl/ well raise z' by 0.1-0.3 for typical cellular assays. Higher z' means more reliable compound profiles - fewer truly active compounds missed AND fewer false positives to re-screen.

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® Washer for cellular assays

Blue® Washer immediately improves screening economics without complex assay or automation changes, delivering unparalleled ROI and boosting drug discovery productivity.
Magnetic Blue®Carriers
no-tip magnetic bead wash

Since winning SLAS and MipTec new product awards in 2015, Blue® Washer has become the new standard for media change in cellular assays and no-tip magnetic bead separation in NGS library prep. Most top 25 pharma companies and top clinical diagnostics labs now use Blue® Washers to obtain better cellular assay data and cut run time and save tips for NGS library prep. 
Blue® is a registered trademark of BlueCatBio, registered in the EU, Switzerland and Japan. US registration pending.
Automation-friendly workflow for 3D cellular screening
​ Centrifugal evacuation

Centrifugal Blue® Washer: Meet the new standard

​​Cellular assays

 Cell-friendly Blue® Dispensers 
96, 384 &1536 well plates

Blue® Bench is easy to use and fits on single work space or under a hood (longitudinal configuration). Intuitive controls are fully integrated into the Blue® Washer 
®Flow interface. For stacked and lidded plates.

​​Magnetic bead assays

No-tip, fast AMPure
magnetic bead separation for NGS library preparation

Blue® Washer now with up to 3 dedicated Blue® Dispensers: economical dispensing of precious reagents into batches of plates

- no interim flushing.

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With a suite of magnetic Blue®Carriers, Blue® Washer dramatically reduces run time and tip waste for magnetic bead assays. Blue® Washer's magnetic Blue®Carriers retain magnetic beads during Centrifugal Bead Separation, eliminating costly and time consuming  disposable tip aspiration.

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® Washer for magnetic bead assays

Adding a Blue
® Washer to your Automated Liquid Handler (ALH) more than triples ALH throughput while eliminating tip waste in bead separation and wash steps.
AGENCOURT® AMPURE® is a registered trademark of Agencourt Bioscience and is for laboratory use only. Agencourt Bioscience is a Beckman Coulter company.

​​Blue® Bench: Compact benchtop automation