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The Blue®Washer operates without a waste pump.

​​Blue®Bench: Compact benchtop automation

​​Magnetic bead assays

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Blue®Washer now with up to 3 dedicated dispensers: economical dispensing of precious reagents into batches of plates

- no interim flushing.

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​ Centrifugation instead of aspiration

Centrifugal Blue®Washer: Meet the new standard

​​Cellular assays

Blue®Washer uses centrifugation to remove liquids from 96, 384 and 1536w plates, eliminating background and variability in assay data. Highly reproducible residual volumes 10x lower than conventional plate washers raise z' by 0.1-0.3 for typical cellular assays. Higher z' means more reliable compound profiles - fewer truly active compounds missed AND fewer false positives to re-screen.

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Blue®Washer immediately improves screening economics without complex assay or automation changes, delivering unparalleled ROI and boosting drug discovery productivity.
Magnetic carrier for non-contact magnetic bead wash

Since winning SLAS and MipTec new product awards in 2015, Blue®Washer has rapidly become the new standard for media change and cell wash in cellular screening. Most top 25 pharma companies now use Blue®Washers to obtain better assay data (z') to reduce false positive and false negative results and deliver more meaningful compound profiles to chemists. 
Automation-friendly workflow for 3D cellular screening
 Cell-friendly dispensers for 96, 384 &1536 well plates

Blue®Bench is very easy to use and fits on single work space or under a hood (longitudinal configuration). Intuitive controls are fully integrated into the Blue®Washer interface. For stacked and lidded plates.
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With a suite of magnetic carriers, Blue®Washer dramatically reduces run time and tip waste for magnetic bead assays. 
Blue®Washer's magnetic carriers retain magnetic beads during centrifugal evacuation, eliminating costly and time consuming liquid removal by automated liquid handlers. Adding a Blue®Washer to your ALH more than triples ALH throughput while eliminating tip waste in separation and wash steps.

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