Easy to integrate & automate with third party high-throughput systems

  • Engineered and built by BlueCatBio's ISO 9001 certified partner HTI bio-x in Ebersberg/ Munich
  • Robust and proven mechatronic design relying on only the most reliable and precise components
  • Standard, easy to integrate interfaces

  • Emulate manual decanting and plate tapping with a fully automated Blue® Washer process, eliminating the variability of manual handling
  • Option to dial-in residual volumes 100 - 1,000x smaller than manual plate tapping or conventional plate washers
  • Evacuation programs optimized for applications such as cell-based assay media changes, magnetic bead washes or ELISA washes

German Engineering

Intuitive Blue® Flow User Interface

Unprecedented Control

Engineered and built in Germany to the highest quality standards, Blue® Washer offers unprecedented control and reproducibility of centrifugal media changes and bead washes through the Blue® Flow user interface.

  • Quick access to all Blue® Washer functions via pull-down menus
  • Predefined cleaning functions for effective & user friendly contamination control
  • Descriptions and Applications for each function displayed on screen
  • Workflow editor for simple programming of complex workflows

  • Easy plate pick-up by simple gripper
  • Open, well documented API
  • Blue® Washer autonomous mode minimizes remote control complexity
  • Integrations with: Agilent, Beckman Coulter, BioNex, BioSero, Hamilton, HighResBio, paa, ThermoFisher
  • Ideal non-contact, tipless media change complement to non-contact dispensing, e.g., with LabCyte Echo or EDC Biosystems ATS