Optimizing sequencing protocols with Blue® Washer

Jon G. Sanders et. al. of the Knight lab at UCSD present an optimized sequencing protocol for leaderboard metagenomics by combining long and short reads. Blue® Washer for tip-less & fast separation of AMPure® beads.


Magnetic carrier with 96 ring magnets for magnetic bead applications in 96w (V-bottom) MTPs of up to 16mm height and weight-matched balance carrier.

Magnetic bead immuno assay

Quanterix  2020 paper


BlueCatBio Application Note

Magnetic carrier with 96 flat magnets for magnetic bead applications in 96w (V-bottom or flat) or 384w (flat only) MTPs of standard 14.5mm height and weight-matched balance carrier.

Pair of magnetic carriers with 24 staff magnets for magnetic bead applications in 96w V-bottom MTPs of up to 15.6mm height and weight-matched balance carrier.  Conical wells fit into support plate with 96 fitted holes; distance of support plate from carrier bottom adjustable for optimal fit.

UCSD Knight Lab paper

Blue® Washer with magnetic 

Blue® Carrier

Magnetic 3D cell culturing


Magnetic carrier with 384 flat magnets for magnetic bead applications in 384w (V-bottom or flat) and weight-matched balance carrier.

  • 14.5MAG384 for standard height 384w plates
  • 12.5MAG384 for 12.5mm high PCR plates
  • 10.5MAG384 for thin 384w or 1536w plates

Suite of magnetic Blue® Carriers matched to plate types

NGS library preparation

Tip-less, fast AMPure® bead separation for NGS library prep

Rodolfo Salido and Gregory Humphrey of the Knight lab at UCSD  save $1.23 per sample and reduce run time by >4h by transferring two AMPure® steps within NGS library prep to their Blue® Washer.


Blue® Washer co-enables >100x digital ELISA sensitivity increase with zero magnetic bead loss from wash steps

Cheuk W. Kan et. al. (Quanterix Corp. and Sagentia Ltd.) show how reducing bead loss from 30% to zero with Centrifugal Bead Separation using the Blue® Washer helped enable sub-attomolar detection limits based on low numbers of capture beads combined with high efficiency bead analysis.

SCRIPPS SLAS2018 poster

  • High throughput- remove buffer from 96, 384, 1536w MTP < 20 sec
  • Minimal bead loss - no aspiration needle to interfere with beads
  • Saves cost - no-tip evacuation eliminates tip cost
  • Better data -  lower assay background and variability due to consistent and complete buffer removal
  • Get more out of your Automated Liquid Handler: adding Blue® Washer to ALH more than triples ALH throughput for bead separation steps


BlueCatBio presentation

How does it work?


Centrifugal Bead Separation for Magnetic Bead Assays

Function, benefits and applications of Centrifugal Bead Separation with Blue® Washer and magnetic Blue® Carriers.  Case studies for semi- and fully automated workflows in 96 and 384w plates.

Blue® Washer + n3D = automationed 3D cell screen

Shurong Hou et. al. (SCRIPPS, Jupiter, FL) demonstrate high quality results using the Blue® Washer for media change with Greiner Bio One's n3D cell magnetization technology.

AGENCOURT® AMPURE® is a registered trademark of Agencourt Bioscience and is for laboratory use only. Agencourt Bioscience is a Beckman Coulter company.
Luminex® is a registered trademark of Luminex Corporation, registered in the U.S. and other countries.




  • NGS library construction: fast, no-tips, linker-adaptor & post PCR clean-ups with
    AMPURE®and other beads; reduce cost and prep time by >50%
  • Luminex® magnetic bead assays: zero bead loss saves beads, fast, better %cv, more linear standard curves, eliminates manual tapping
  • Magnetic 3D cell screens (Greiner/ n3D): high-throughput washes at 2D speed
  • DNA/ RNA extraction: fast, no-tips, no clogged needles with agro samples
  • Place plate with magnetic bead assay on one of Blue® Washer's magnetic Blue® Carrier and let settle
  • Blue® Washer expells supernatant from plate wells by centrifugation - a tip-less, non-contact alternative to disposable tip aspiration - while the Blue® Carrier's magnets retain beads at bottom or side of wells
  • Blue® Washer design ensures no well-to-well contamination

Fast, no-tip magnetic bead assays with Blue® Washer's magnetic Blue® Carriers:

- Centrifugal Bead Separation -

Blue® is a registered trademark of BlueCatBio, registered in the EU, Switzerland and Japan. US registration pending.