• Place plate with magnetic bead assay on one of Blue® Washer's magnetic Blue® Carrier and let settle
  • Blue® Washer expells supernatant from plate wells by centrifugation - a tip-less, non-contact alternative to disposable tip aspiration - while the Blue® Carrier's magnets retain beads at bottom or side of wells
  • Blue® Washer design ensures no well-to-well contamination





SCRIPPS SLAS2018 poster



Blue® is a registered trademark of BlueCatBio, registered in the EU, Switzerland and Japan. US registration pending.

Magnetic carrier with 96 ring magnets for magnetic bead applications in 96w (V-bottom) MTPs of up to 16mm height and weight-matched balance carrier.

How does it work?

  • NGS library construction
  • PCR clean-up & purification: reduce 4x96w AMPure®run time from 45min to <15min, without tips for separation steps
  • Luminex® magnetic bead assays: fast, no tips, better %cv, more linear standard curves, eliminates manual tapping
  • 3 dimensional cell screens with n3D cell magnetization
  • DNA extraction

Centrifugal Bead Separation for Magnetic Bead Assays

Function, benefits and applications of Centrifugal Bead Separation with Blue® Washer and magnetic Blue® Carriers.  Case studies for semi- and fully automated workflows in 96 and 384w plates.

Magnetic carrier with 384 flat magnets for magnetic bead applications in 384w (V-bottom or flat) and weight-matched balance carrier.

Fast, no-tip magnetic bead assays with Blue® Washer's magnetic Blue® Carriers:

- Centrifugal Bead Separation -

Magnetic 3D cell culturing

Blue® Washer with magnetic 

Blue® Carrier

Pair of magnetic carriers with 24 staff magnets for magnetic bead applications in 96w V-bottom MTPs of up to 15.6mm height and weight-matched balance carrier.  Conical wells fit into support plate with 96 fitted holes; distance of support plate from carrier bottom adjustable for optimal fit.

BlueCatBio Application Note

NGS library preparation

Luminex® is a registered trademark of Luminex Corporation, registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Blue® Washer co-enables >100x digital ELISA sensitivity increase with zero magnetic bead loss from wash steps

Cheuk W. Kan et. al. (Quanterix Corp. and Sagentia Ltd.) show how reducing bead loss from 30% to zero with Centrifugal Bead Separation using the Blue® Washer helped enable sub-attomolar detection limits based on low numbers of capture beads combined with high efficiency bead analysis.


Blue® Washer + n3D = automationed 3D cell screen

Shurong Hou et. al. (SCRIPPS, Jupiter, FL) demonstrate high quality results using the Blue® Washer for media change with Greiner Bio One's n3D cell magnetization technology.


Magnetic carrier with 96 flat magnets for magnetic bead applications in 96w (V-bottom or flat) or 384w (flat only) MTPs of standard 14.5mm height and weight-matched balance carrier.

Magnetic bead immuno assay

  • 14.5MAG384 for standard height 384w plates
  • 12.5MAG384 for 12.5mm high PCR plates
  • 10.5MAG384 for thin 384w or 1536w plates

Quanterix  2020 paper

AGENCOURT® AMPURE® is a registered trademark of Agencourt Bioscience and is for laboratory use only. Agencourt Bioscience is a Beckman Coulter company.

UCSD Knight Lab paper

BlueCatBio presentation

Suite of magnetic Blue® Carriers matched to plate types

Tip-less, fast AMPure® bead separation for NGS library prep

Rodolfo Salido and Gregory Humphrey of the Knight lab at UCSD  save $1.23 per sample and reduce run time by >4h by transferring two AMPure® steps within NGS library prep to their Blue® Washer.

  • High throughput- remove buffer from 96, 384, 1536w MTP < 20 sec
  • Minimal bead loss - no aspiration needle to interfere with beads
  • Saves cost - no-tip evacuation eliminates tip cost
  • Better data -  lower assay background and variability due to consistent and complete buffer removal
  • Get more out of your Automated Liquid Handler: adding Blue® Washer to ALH more than triples ALH throughput for bead separation steps

Optimizing sequencing protocols with Blue® Washer

Jon G. Sanders et. al. of the Knight lab at UCSD present an optimized sequencing protocol for leaderboard metagenomics by combining long and short reads. Blue® Washer for tip-less & fast separation of AMPure® beads.