The Blue®Washer operates without a waste pump.


Booth # 1350

Oct 7, 2019

Boston Marriott Cambridge, MA

BlueCatBio's Blue®Washer has won an MipTech New Product Innovation Award!

We congratulate our co-winners Ectica and Molecular Devices with their ImageXpress Micro Confocal HCS system.

Oct 17, 2019

Double Tree, King of Prussia, PA

Attend our workshop: "How to get better data from cell screens & cheaper, faster magnetic bead assays with the centrifugal Blue®Washer"

Jan 27-29, 2020

San Diego, CA

View recording of SLAS Webinar on Challenges of 1536-Well Cell-Based Screening by AstraZeneca

Find out where to meet the BlueCatBio team and where to see the Blue®Washer and Blue®Bench in action.

BlueCatBio's Blue®Washer has won an SLAS2015 New Product Award!

We congratulate our co-winners Sony with the SI8000 Cell Motion Imaging System, regenHU Ltd with the 3DDiscovery BioSafety Cabinet, and ReSyn Biosciences Pty Ltd with the MagReSyn.

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Nov 5-6, 2019

ACC, Liverpool, UK

Join SLAS and Helen Plant of AstraZeneca (U.K.) to explore the practical intricacies of doing small volume, 1536-well cell-based assays. Plant explains how the BlueCatBio centrifugal plate washer integrates centrifugal emptying with the individual addition of up to four separate solutions for complex phenotypic assays.
"Successful conversion of complex phenotypic assays to 1536-well formats results in up to a 50 percent reduction in cell number requirements and approximately a four-fold reduction in time taken to perform a full HTS screening campaign," she says.
Dues-paying SLAS members may participate at no cost. SLAS Webinars are presented by JALA and JBS, the official journals of SLAS. Click here to view this webinar at SLAS, free for SLAS members