​​Compact, user friendly and modular benchtop automation for Blue® Washer


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Automated plate counting

Safe & precise collaborative robot

Controls seamlessly integrated with the Blue® Washer Blue® Flow user interface

Modular base plate

Safety first

Blue® Bench

  • Magnetically attach to base plate
  • Allow random access to plates and storage of lidded/ sealed plates

Intuitive Blue® Flow user interface


  • Fixes relative positions of dev
  • 2 - 5 docking positions

Modular base plate, stacks, hotel

BlueBench: robotic plate handling for BlueWasher
  • Repeatability: +- 0.1mm
  • Payload: 3kg
  • Reach: 50cm/ 360°, 6-axis
  • Footprint: 128mm
  • Weight: 11kg

  • Magnetically attach to base plate
  • Handle to carry
  • Available in various heights
  • No need for protective housing
  • Works side by side with user
  • 15 advanced adjustable safety functions
  • TÜV NORD approved, complies with EN ISO 13849: 2008 PL d