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US Pharmaceutical Company

“The time the BlueWasher saved us in fixation protocols and the increased reproducibility of cell numbers between wells after washing allowed us to use poorly adherent cells that we had given up on using.”


US Pharmaceutical Company

“ The statistics of data sets generated with the BlueWasher are vastly improved vs our conventional methods.  Because there is so much less background noise in the data I can set the hit calling threshold much lower - I miss fewer potential hits and I generate fewer false positives, making our downstream discovery efforts much more productive."

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BlueWasher may only be operated without wast pump in the area covered by the European Patent Office

Aaron Lock

Senior Research Assistant
Discovery Biology | Cancer Therapeutics CRC Griffith University 

Nathan | QLD Australia 4111 

“Before we tried the BlueWasher, we had 4 cellular screens in 384w plates for which we could not achieve the reproducibility and z' metrics required to put those screens into HTS and we were ready to give up on those screens.  When we tried the BlueWasher, our quality metrics were immediately met and we have been running those screens ever since.”

“ BlueWasher improved the z' of an assay for which I used to do the media change manually by "dump and tap" from around 0.6 to 0.8."


US Pharmaceutical Company