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The BlueWasher operates without a waste pump.

Sample Applications:

  • High throughput- remove buffer from 384 wells < 20 sec
  • 3D cellular screens - automation-friendly, high data qualtiy
  • Saves cost - tipless evacuation eliminates cost of disposable tips
  • Better data -  lower assay background and variability due to consistent and complete buffer removal
  • Wash buffer is expelled from plate wells by centrifugation - a non-contact alternative to aspiration - while the carrier's magnets retain beads in wells
  • BlueWasher design ensures no well-to-well contamination
  • Frees up automated liquid handler capacity from time-consuming removal of wash buffer & saves disposable tips

BlueWasher's magnetic bead carriers:

  • for 96, 384 and 1536well plates with flat magnets on bottom
  • for 96 well PCR plates with staff magnets on side of conical wells

Unique Benefits:

How does it work?

Contamination-free, non-contact wash of magnetic beads and magnetized cells (n3D) with BlueWasher's magnetic carrier.