Magnetic carrier for non-contact bead wash

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​​BlueBench: Compact benchtop automation for BlueWasher and other stand-alone instruments

Tecan D300e users: BlueBench also available to feed plates to your instrument
BlueBench: robotic plate handling for BlueWasher
​ Centrifugation instead of aspiration

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BlueWasher uses centrifugation instead of aspiration to remove liquids from all plate formats, including 1536w, eliminating background and variability at their (assay) sources. Highly reproducible residual volumes 10x lower than conventional plate washers enable imagers to produce cleaner images, raising z' 0.1-0.3 for typical adherent cellular assays. Higher z' = miss fewer active compounds AND reduce false positives to re-screen. BlueWasher immediately improves screening economics without complex assay or automation changes, delivering unparalleled ROI and direct boost to overall drug discovery productivity. Now with gravity drain, eliminating waste pump & filters.

​​BlueWasher: The most cost-effective tool to improve data quality (z') for adherent cellular assays

Our BlueBench solution brings the benefits of collaborative robots to scientists’ (cramped) benchtops.  Comprising a user friendly software interface, collaborative robot, modular base plate, stacks, and hotels, BlueBench automates plate handling for the BlueWasher and other stand-alone instruments such as plate readers, dispensers, and incubators – directly on the work bench, with minimal footprint.  The versatility of the robotic arm and grippers allows handling stacked, lidded, or sealed plates in any configuration.
Winner of New Product Awards 
MipTec 2015 & SLAS2015

The BlueWasher operates without a waste pump.

 Cell-friendly dispensers for 96, 384 &1536 well plates

Opera, CellInsight, ImageXressMicro and InCell Analyzer users:
Get even better data from you imagers - join our fast growing customer base - think beyond imager&informatics and fight background & variability at their (assay) sources
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Automation-friendly workflow for 3D cellular screening