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​​BlueBot: Finally, BENCHTOP automation for assay development scientists

 BlueBot: simple automation for assay development scientists

 Cell-friendly dispensers for 96, 384 &1536 well plates

BlueBot is a revolutionary, lightweight, intuitive to teach, collaborative robot. BlueBot serves as a versatile plate handler (stacked, lidded, sealed plates in any configuration) for the BlueWasher targeted to assay development scientists seeking to automate processing 6-20 plates per run, with frequently changing workflows that involve 2-5 devices, racks or plate hotels, where the effort to program conventional robots has been prohibitive.  BlueBot can be relocated and re-taught within <5min and does not require complex scheduling software.

Bluecatbio Bluewasher Plate Washer Using Centrifugation

The award-winning BlueWasher uses centrifugation instead of aspiration for non-contact and contamination-free removal of liquids from all plate formats, including 1536 well. It achieves near zero residual volume and eliminates problems associated with conventional, aspiration-based washers. The BlueWasher reduces assay background and variability, eliminates wash steps and needle clogging, while increasing throughput, reliability and saving consumable cost with tipless media-changes in cell-based screening and magnetic bead wash applications.
Magnetic carrier for non-contact bead wash

​ Centrifugation instead of aspiration

Winner of New Product Awards 
MipTec 2015 &

​​BlueWasher: Non-contact, near zero residual volume media change for cell-based assays | magnetic bead wash